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Mother [Nature] Knows Best

While we'd like to say we have invented the highest quality, most effective natural agriculture products in the world, the truth of the matter is we're just great students. We've taken lessons from Mother Nature and provided simple, manageable means for you to benefit from her best practices.


Whether you're already farming organically, moving in that direction, or want to enhance the effects of non-organic farming practices by supplementing with microbes, you'll find our proprietary solutions to be the most effective at increasing nutrient delivery to plant roots, suppressing pathogens, keeping water clean and odor-free, and creating the highest quality compost available in the shortest time possible.

A More Productive Agricultural Environment

BioTerra Organic/Natural Soil Amendment

increases root access to nutrients in the soil while suppressing pathogens, increasing yield and nutritional value.

BioClear Organic Lagoon Treatment

does away with murky, smelly lagoons, organically maintaining them for a cleaner, healthier environment.

BioCycle Organic Aerobic Composting Agent

reduces composting time, eliminates odor, and creates a higher nutrient value compost product.


Microbe Downloadable Information

Our aim is to share the wealth of knowledge we've developed over the past two decades with people like you who strive for agricultural excellence. Please enjoy our free downloadable papers throughout our website with our compliments.


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