Compost faster. Kill disease.

Reduce odor.

It's not magic - it's the microbes.

More Nutrient-Rich Compost in a Fraction of the Time

If you could compost more waste products, in less time, without the odor of traditional composting, we can deliver that?


These results are exactly what BioCycle™ delivers.


Imagine entire carcasses gone in as little as two weeks. Consider the benefits of creating a higher nutrient-level compost in weeks instead of months. And the odor you've always disliked? Gone.

BioCycle™ increases composting time and is proven to reduce pathogens like salmonella and avian flu.


A few reasons our customers use BioCycle™:

  • Major reduction in harmful pathogens

  • Complete elimination of avian flu virus(1)

  • Faster time to compost

  • Fewer heat buildups


1- Data on avian flu is from health inspector reports by the state of Utah

“We have used BioCycle™ on our compost piles and only wished we knew about it sooner. Our piles composted faster with fewer heat buildups, less odor, and fewer flies. Importantly, it controlled and killed other bacteria outbreaks that we sometimes got previously. No avian flu. No salmonella.”

Val, Director at large cage-free egg producer

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