Sustainability shouldn't
mean lower yields

BioTerra Natural Soil Amendment

is a soil probiotic that maximizes plant health while rapidly suppressing disease


Healthy Crops Begin with Healthy, Thriving Soil

Since 2002, we've been helping organic and conventional farmers increase crop yield, improve produce nutrient value, and suppress crop-destroying pathogens using our proprietary combination of bacillus microbes and nutrient package blend.


One simple application per month through your existing irrigation system is all it takes to reap the massive benefits of involving Mother Nature more closely as your agricultural business partner.

Case Reports

Is it possible to enjoy dramatic crop yield increases while suppressing pathogens, all from a cost-effective, organic solution?

Read the brief case reports (below) and decide for yourself.


And please note, these results aren't just for organic farmers.

Go ahead...take a look.

Production Increase and Pathogen Suppression in Potatoes

Benefits to Barley Crops

“The treated area started out showing 56 Meloidogyne nematodes and 120 Paratrichodorus nematodes. We treated during pre-irrigation, and monthly during the growing season, using [BioTerra™] soil microbes. At the end of the season I pulled another sample to be analyzed and it came back reading 0 Meloidogyne or Paratrichodorus nematodes found”.

Greg, Head of Field Operations for large CA grower

“Strongest results I have record of. My acreage I treated with BioTerra™ gave me significantly higher yield, better grain, and less disease. My fields get cereal leaf beetle every year. This field this year was the first time any of my fields haven’t had any serial leaf beetle.

Wade, successful farmer in Idaho

The University of Arizona show significant increases in root development and plant growth in lettuce.

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